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Is LVT Flooring the Ideal Option for Commercial Flooring?

For commercial applications, LVT Flooring has emerged as the most preferred option across a wide range of industries. LVT can provide you countless design options and long-term durability, making it the greatest value for your money whether you need a water-resistant floor to handle heavy traffic in a restaurant or an attractive and useful floor for an office.

Let's Explore Some Advantages of LVT

When it comes to dealing with luxury and best LVT flooring Dubai, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. It has the same visual appeal as other options, but it is less costly. Almost indistinguishable from the genuine thing, this kind of flooring faithfully follows the appearance of natural materials like wood or stone with textured or embossed surfaces.Apart from its excellent appearance, LVT flooring installation is usually thicker than conventional vinyl flooring materials because of an additional layer of thick film coated in UV-cured urethane. This layer increases the material’s resistance to scuffs, stains, and scratches, improving both its performance and wear. Because of the additional layer it has added, this sort of flooring is resistant to water damage, making it an excellent option for an area where spills may occur often.


It Is One Of The Long-lasting Flooring

LVT flooring is well renowned for its resilience to regular foot activity and wear and tear, which would accelerate the deterioration of a natural product. Its multi-layer structure, which includes a top wear layer that withstands scratches and scuffs and permits varying degrees of foot activity, contributes to its longevity. Since the material is non-porous, spills are simple to clean up.There is little to no downtime, minimal expense, and no need to use harmful chemicals for maintenance and repairs. With double the scratch resistance of conventional UV products, TAJ’s enhanced ceramic bead infused urethane cured PU is utilized in the construction of numerous LVT flooring choices.

How Should I Apply for LVT?

LVT may be utilized for a variety of flooring applications and comes in a wide range of widths and configurations. Since all LVT products are not created equal, it is crucial to take into account factors such wear layer thickness, wear layer performance characteristics, total product thickness, and the intended use of the space in addition to the kind of space and its intended use.
There are several thickness possibilities for LVT. You may select one to suit any space’s requirements, including those with broader profiles that make switching to carpeting a breeze. Transition strips might also be the ideal option, depending on the other flooring kinds in the area.

Which Spaces Are Ideal for Using LVT?

LVT is less expensive than traditional materials like stone or wood while providing high finishes and long-lasting surfaces. Although LVT is water-resistant, indoor pools and spa facilities are not suggested to use it.
While some LVT materials can be treated with antimicrobial agents, it is not advised to use them in sterile environments such as operating rooms or intensive care units. However, for the majority of commercial applications, it can be a wise decision.

Selecting Contract Flooring with FIXIT DESIGN CARPENTRY

Even while we like recommending polished concrete and LVT flooring UAE to facility managers and property owners, all commercial flooring systems that see a lot of traffic need extra care and attention to maintain their functionality and fit for your location.
Your task will be much easier when you work with us. When you are prepared to get an estimate, give us a call to schedule a visit, and we will assess your property and provide you with accurate LVT flooring prices and estimated completion time. Being the best commercial flooring contractor in the region, we work hard to deliver outcomes that meet your expectations so we can keep satisfying our clients.
We have years of experience in LVT flooring to make every surface in the commercial buildings you oversee look better, perform better, and last longer. It also helps facility managers throughout the nation manage their workloads more effectively by lowering capital costs and managing their stress levels. As real surface care specialists, we are aware of the special qualities and upkeep procedures that each surface requires or does not in order to maintain its flawless appearance and abide by manufacturer warranties.
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