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Why Choose Us For Flooring Services?

As we have been in business for so long, we are the most dependable flooring company in Dubai. Our mission is to satisfy every customer to the fullest by offering them first-rate products along with excellent installation and repair services right at their door.
The customer service agents are available around-the-clock to answer your inquiries and concerns, and the poor workers are incredibly swift and responsive. They are there to help you seven days a week. We never cut corners when it comes to the quality of our SPC Flooring Dubai, and we always complete floor repair projects and product deliveries on time, as agreed upon with our clients.

Flooring Dubai offers SPC flooring

SPC is just another area of expertise for us at FIXIT DESIGN CARPENTRY when it comes to vinyl flooring. We can ensure the highest quality and provide you with an SPC floor at the most competitive pricing in Dubai since we purchase directly from the producers. We guarantee prompt delivery since we have approximately 40,000 square meters of SPC flooring alone in stock. Additionally, any order for SPC flooring is eligible for free delivery. Get your own SPC flooring samples now to experience the quality in your own house.


Get Reasonably Priced SPC Floor Installation Services

Your place’s entire appearance will be ruined, regardless of how excellent your product is, if it is not put correctly. So, you may engage our skilled workers at fair prices for the most dependable and genuine floor fixing service.We provide our customers the best SPC Flooring Dubai installation services available, right at their door, throughout the whole state. We will arrive at your residence to do your task, so don’t worry. We provide various regular and sporadic discounts in addition to our excellent quality repair, so you can maintain a completely balanced budget while still receiving sports flooring services.

Which rooms are suitable for installing SPC flooring?

SPC rigid core flooring may be put in every space of a house or company because of its adaptability. Being 100% waterproof, SPC flooring is ideal for installations in high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. It is also perfect for open-concept living spaces because of its extremely sturdy core, which allows it to be placed in big sections without the need for breaks. SPC flooring is also appropriate for staircases that have matching profile installations.

Installation of SPC Flooring

Install commercial best SPC flooring Dubai with our skilled staff to provide impartial, best-value flooring options for your space. Nearly all commercial flooring types, including a large selection of vinyl planks, have been installed by FIXIT DESIGN CARPENTRY. We can assist you in choosing the ideal floor for your need including financial constraints, interior design scheme, and the demands of your facility by displaying examples.
Prior to installing SPC vinyl flooring, the subfloor has to be properly leveled, clean, and dry. Installation is then a very easy procedure from there. With tongue and groove technology, the majority of SPC vinyl planks just click together. Even though SPC doesn’t need to be adhered to the subfloor, there may still be situations where it is in your building.

Why is SPC Click Vinyl Flooring the Best Type?

Thought of being the newest generation of click vinyl flooring, best SPC flooring in UAE is at the forefront of the industry’s advancement due to time and technological advancements. It has been realized over time that click vinyl floors made entirely of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are not as stable as SPC floors, which causes them to expand and contract much more than SPC floors. This is especially true in areas with fluctuating temperatures like sun rooms, conservatories, and areas close to bifold or patio doors.
Compared to most other click vinyl flooring, SPC is much more stable due to its hard core, which is related to the stone element in its core. This makes it perfect for places with temperature fluctuations and warmer weather. Every SPC floor is completely waterproof, extremely sturdy, easy to install, and many of them come with an integrated sound-absorbing underlay, which reduces installation time and the cost of purchasing an underlay.

What Exactly IS SPC Flooring?

SPC, short for stone plastic composite, is made to seem just like traditional flooring materials like wood, stone, or ceramic, but it has a lot more useful features, as you will discover in the article’s later sections. SPC Flooring provides a transparent, vinyl top layer and realistic photographic images that allow for a multitude of design possibilities.
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