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You have to be interested in rubber flooring if you are reading this post. Maybe you’ve already installed it, or you are thinking about doing so. Either way, you should use this tutorial! Everything there is to know about the best rubber flooring Dubai will be taught to you. You will learn about the benefits of rubber in this article, along with information on its types, maintenance, special installations, design options, and proper uses.

Rubbers Have Best Absorb Up Impact

Exercise, lifting weights, and sports may all be extremely hard on the joints. During these exercises, rubber flooring is great at reducing impact and lessening the pressure on joints including the back, hips, and knees. The chance of injury is reduced when one is able to withstand strong blows.
Moreover, rubber flooring is very resistant to slippage and usually significantly surpasses the required minimum “coefficient of friction.” Rubber flooring is therefore commonly utilized in gyms. It is also a popular option in assisted living centers and hospitals due to its excellent slip resistance.
Unlike other types of flooring, rubber flooring becomes more non-slip when it becomes wet. There’s no reason to worry about spills, perspiration, or humidity raising the danger of harm. For this reason, rubber flooring is an excellent option for an outdoor workout space.


Rubber is environmentally benign and reusable

Rubber is produced using a natural raw material called rubber tree sap. The sap is extremely renewable and is harvested without impeding the tree’s development. Rubber is frequently utilized again for a variety of purposes and is recyclable as well. Small bits of recycled rubber flooring may be utilized to make playground floors, mulch, and even whole new goods.

Applications of rubber flooring

This material offers safety, comfort, and durability practically anyplace it is laid, making it a versatile alternative for rubber flooring in homes. Here are three of the more well-liked and useful uses for rubber matting in residential settings:


The inherent safety features of rubber are essential components that can shield kids from danger and damage. Many of rubber’s benefits are employed when it comes to residential playground surfaces: The mat’s traction lowers the risk of slip-and-fall accidents, rubber’s shock-absorbing properties soften the impact in the event that a kid falls, and rubber’s durability endures harsh outdoor environments.

Home Gyms:

Whether your home gym comprises of a treadmill or a multi-station exercise machine with free weights, home rubber flooring covers all the bases to prevent damage to your floors and equipment. The advantages of rubber flooring for a home gym are comparable to those of rubber playground equipment:
a) rubber’s grip improves foothold to prevent slips and promote form
b) rubber’s impact-absorbing ability shields your floor from falling weights
c) rubber’s toughness maintains the subflooring’s shape.

Installing Rubber Flooring

As you can see, rubber flooring is quite adaptable and suitable for a number of commercial applications. To obtain the most investment for your money, you must, however, choose the program that best suits your facilities. There are three ways that commercial rubber flooring may be installed:
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Rolls of rubber flooring

Rubber floor roll installation is similar to that of conventional broadloom carpet rolls. Both may be put directly over an existing subfloor with glue adhesives or tape.

Rubber flooring tiles

The finest use cases for rubber floor tiles are in business spaces looking to install floating floors. This is so that adhesives or double-sided tape are not required during the loose, interlocking installation of these tiles.

Rubber Flooring Suppliers in UAE

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